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Camp in Ivvavik National Park

Sweeping views, remarkable wildlife encounters, and relative comfort for a remote backcountry trip, the Bucket List heads north to experience Parks Canada’s Fly-In Camping inside Ivvavik National Park.

Go Dogsledding

Surrounded by pristine natural beauty, dogsledding is more than just a mode of transportation. It’s a chance to learn about teamwork and respect, and the warm bond between man and canine.

Fly Around Mount Logan

Enjoy a birds-eye view of the world’s largest non-polar ice caps, Canada’s tallest mountain, and an alien world of rock and ice.

The Sourtoe Cocktail

In the long-past-its-boom town of Dawson City, the Downtown Hotel bar serves up the Sourtoe cocktail, with added flavour from a real life severed human toe.

The Chilkoot Trail

Each summer, the 53-kilometre Chilkoot Trail attracts bucket list hikers from around the globe, drawn to spectacular scenery, a rugged challenge, and the enduring draw of history.

The Dempster Highway

Experience the tundra, mountains, and sheer wilderness on the Dempster Highway, Canada’s first all-weather highway to cross the Arctic Circle, and a legendary Bucket List roadtrip.

Windy Arm on Tagish Lake

If the conditions are Goldilocks, head to Windy Arm on Tagish Lake to skate on a Hockey Rink of Dreams – a clear window of ice above schools of fish and ice bubble art.

Takhini Hot Pools

The Takhini Hot Pools, located on the Alaska Highway about a half hour’s drive from Whitehorse, hosts a weird and wonderful hair freezing contest. Regardless of your efforts, it’s a terrific excuse for a soak beneath the stars.

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