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Join the National Conversation

Ambitious in scope, outstanding in execution – the Canadian Museum for Human Rights is the first national museum built outside the capital region of Ottawa. Its striking building and thoughtful exhibits is a must-see for Canadian visitors, and all Earthlings too.

Catfish on the Red River

There be monsters in the waters of the Red River! Located just outside of Winnipeg, hop on a speed boat with Todd and the rock’n roll fishing guides from City Cats to catch-and-release the local catfish, known for their ferocious fight and enormous size.

See Polar Bears in the Wild

Around October and November, the world’s largest concentration of polar bears gather outside Churchill, waiting to enter the ice for the winter. Encounter them from the safety and comfort of a tundra buggy.

Thermëa Nordic Spa

Thermea Nordik Spa, a stunning spa complex in Winnipeg, heats up eucalyptus and orange steam rooms, pools of varying temperatures, relaxation rooms with headphones and ergonomic benches too.

Uncover Golden Boy's Secret

Cracking the Da Vinci Code-like mysteries that surround Winnipeg's Legislature Building gives one a new appreciation for architecture, the city, and its illuminating characters.

Toast the Voyageurs

A lively annual festival celebrating the history and culture of the fur traders who discovered and explored Eastern Canada in the late 17th and early 18th century.

Snorkel with Beluga Whales

Each summer, thousands of beluga whales gather where the Churchill River pours into the Hudson Bay. Don an Arctic wetsuit, head into the bay and immerse yourself with these graceful ghosts, in one of the marine world’s great animal encounters.

Stand beneath a polar bear

Enter a world-class nature park to connect with the great animals of the north, including wolves, snowy owls, Arctic fox, moose, cougars, elk, caribou and of course, polar bears.

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