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Drawing on his incredible adventures to all seven continents, renowned travel personality Robin Esrock presents visually-stunning, entertaining, thought-provoking and inspiring virtual and physical events.  Customized for every talk, a bucket list presentation costs less than you’d think, and is more appreciated than you can imagine.

Robin’s speaking credits include Deloitte, RBC, EA Sports, REMAX, ScotiaWealth, BMO Nesbitt Burns, TD Wealth, Fidelity Investments and National Bank, as well as government, medical, political, educational, forestry, agriculture, finance and destination marketing organizations.

Robin was honoured as the Master of Ceremonies at the prestigious Explorer’s Club Annual Dinner at the Waldorf-Astoria in New York, sharing the stage with the likes of Ken Burns and Buzz Aldrin. His TEDx talk about life lessons through travel has over one million views, and is often featured as one of the best travel talks on the TED network. 



​"Robin provided a very fun and exciting diversion for our clients, eager to hear about topics outside of financial planning and wealth management. He was so engaging, had fantastic photographs, and his approach to travel and life enjoyment was refreshing and up-beat. He had stories to tell, and advice to share, and clients from young to old left the presentation with a bit more wanderlust than before and a fresh bucket list to get them started! The client feedback was overwhelmingly positive!"

TD Wealth

"We are all looking to share different and unique experiences with our clients and Robin’s presentation hit the mark. He was generous with his time and the virtual event was a big success. In an era of COVID, Robin was able to help my clients escape and see the world. His stories were engaging and the photos were inspiring. We have received amazing feedback from our clients."

RBC Wealth Management

“Along with his wild stories, his insights into happiness, taking risks and engaging with different cultures was exactly what we needed. Not being able to share adventures and laughs with family and friends has been tough on us all. Robin brought that feeling of adventure, enlightenment, and insight back to us, helping us appreciate the many adventures that await in store."

Canoe Financial

"Robin gave a virtual presentation to our Risk Advisory team and he truly ticked off all the boxes. He cleverly customized his key messages, thought-provoking ideas and practical takeaways while drifting in and out of jaw-dropping adventures, ensuring everyone was fully engaged. Robin’s stunning images and enthusiastic personality brought a super energy to the afternoon, and I highly recommend him to any company looking to inspire, motivate and mobilize their people."


"Robin is a fantastic speaker. Very funny, very engaging, and completely candid with impressive photos to complement his wild experiences. What an adventure he took us on! Our clients absolutely loved the talk. Thank you for the entertaining adventures and life lessons.", the places he has been and things he has done are spectacular. I would recommend him to anyone who wants to travel either vicariously or for real. He’s truly a hard act to follow."

Rothenberg Capital Management

“Robin’s Great Canadian Bucket List talk was like having a conversation with one of Canada's most interesting travellers. He seems to have been everywhere and done everything. Highly entertaining, Robin offered at least a few bucket list travel items to add to every attendee’s wish list. We really enjoyed it and hope to work with Robin again in the future!”

Fidelity Investments

"Robin was a fantastic addition to our virtual conference. Robin’s presentation was captivating, engaging the audience with his incredible stories and enthusiasm. Not only that, but his messaging and tone were spot on – somehow being able to connect with the crowd at an appropriate level without being in the same room. We could not have been happier to have him part of our day."

Destination British Columbia Monique Willis

"We hired Robin to host his virtual Great Canadian Bucket List event for clients and it was a truly excellent experience. Both our team members and clients were thrilled. We will be bringing him back again to host his Global bucket list presentation later this year."

iA Private Wealth

“We were thrilled to have Robin as our featured guest in our Client Speaker’s Series event. Robin gave us a glimpse of his past adventures and was able to take us beyond the pandemic to maximize one’s experience of different cultures, events and places. He gave everyone a 'Passport' to their own future travels.”

Wellington-Altus Private Wealth Rod Mahrt Vice President

"Selecting Robin Esrock as our keynote for our annual conference was an inspired choice. His passion for travel reminded our hoteliers of why we do what we do. But the biggest benefit was his ability to connect with our people and inspire them to think about their goals. Robin left a lasting impression. After his talk and throughout the rest of our event, our attendees were all talking about the experience and each had a personal takeaway."

Coast Hotels

“Robin Esrock is a fantastic keynote speaker who is able to connect with the audience on personal level. An innate storyteller, Robin’s vast catalogue of travel experiences and life lessons are woven into his presentation and lead attendees on a journey. Multiple attendees cited Robin as being the best keynote from the conference. As an event organizer, I found Robin extremely flexible and down-to-earth to work with as our closing keynote speaker, who left our participants engaged, entertained, and inspired.”

University of Waterloo

“Robin enthralled his audience at the recent 29th Annual Vancouver Tourism Awards Gala Breakfast firstly because his ideas were innovative and experiential but mainly because his attitude was such that he was speaking to equals, not about his successes. He made the overriding philosophy inspirational and attainable. He truly made one feel he related to his audience.”

Vancouver Tourism Awards

"Robin’s talk took us through his life journey and lessons in an unbelievably inspiring, honest, informative and visually stimulating talk. He broke down all the boundaries we consistently face and provided real, digestible strategies to help us succeed in what we do - be it business or personal. He wraps executive coaching and leadership into one powerful presentation."

Electronic Arts Inc.

"As two organizations undergoing tremendous transformation under a single association, Robin was the perfect fit for our event. Robin was effectively able to relate his personal experiences with the importance of embracing change and seizing opportunities which resonated with our delegates. In short, Robin ticked all the boxes. He was engaging, entertaining, thought provoking and inspiring. I highly recommend him."

College of the Rockies
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Speaking Clients Include:


Across every province and territory, Robin introduces us to Canada’s most unique and fascinating destinations and activities. There’s something here for everyone:  nature, food, history, thrills, culture and plenty of ideas to fill up your bucket list.  Packed with inspiring insights, engaging storytelling, and stunning visuals, join us for a one-of-a-kind virtual adventure


From pole to pole and in-between, Robin takes us to some of the world’s most stunning destinations and activities. There’s  something here for everyone:  thrills, food, history, nature, beaches, and plenty of ideas to fill up your bucket list.


Things don’t always go our way.  We’re often faced with hairy situations that can sink us – or perhaps, help us thrive.  Illustrated with entertaining anecdotes and stunning visuals, Robin shares hard-fought lessons from the edge, how to practically manage risk, and inspire ourselves for whatever comes next.


Technology stitches our world together, even as uncertainty pulls us apart at the seams. It’s too easy to forget just how similar we all are, and how every voice has something to say. Robin once asked thousands of people from every conceivable background, to answer the same three questions. Shared along with his own unique background, the results are poignant, funny, and thought-provoking, shining a much-needed light on universal passions and challenges. 
The optional breakout session asks teams to share their own answers to Robin’s three questions.


Robin explores his unlikely odds of one becoming an international jet-setting explorer, and what it takes to achieve any big, hairy audacious goal.  He also delves into the value of thinking (and sometimes failing) big, and the crucial role of taking on projects with the right intention.


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