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Ferme 5 Etoiles

Wolves, deer, fox, moose and other rescued animals greet bucket listers of all ages at Fermes 5 Etoiles, a unique eco-farm located along the stunning Saguenay fjord.

Ice Canoe across the St Lawrence

Imagine you’re in a canoe on a tranquil lake. As your paddle creates gentle ripples in the water, you’re breathing in the calm, relaxing scent of nature. Ice canoeing in Quebec City is nothing like that.

Explore Snowmobiler Paradise

Saguenay Lac-Saint-Jean is home to 9 stunning snowmobile circuits, deep powder, dense forest and passionate riders. With 3500 kms of trails, there’s a very good reason they call this Snowmobiler’s Paradise.

Surf Habitat 67

Located close to the iconic building of the same name, the St Lawrence’s Lachine rapids reach as high as two metres, creating one of the world’s largest standing waves.

Jump off the Rock

At sixty-one metres high, Great Canadian Bungee’s “The Rock” is North America’s highest bungee jump. Overlooking a spring-fed lagoon in Wakefield, Quebec the rebound alone is higher than any other jump on the continent.

Iles de la Madeleine

This archipelago in the St Lawrence is Quebec’s best-kept secret. A chain of islands, surrounded by soft beach in every direction, windswept grassland, red cliffs, and bright-painted clapboard houses.

Winter Carnival

Winter Carnival’s reputation for good times and festivities places it right up there with Rio and New Orleans, albeit with its icy touch.

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