The Nectar of Judea

Smoked Meat in Montreal

The Montreal smoked meat sandwich is a recipe of edible perfection: Rye bread, thinly sliced. Mustard. A pickle on the side. And the meat: expertly carved, melt-in-your-mouth steamed brisket piled so high you can build a fort with it. Some Montrealers argue that Lesters, Dunn’s, Ben’s, or the Main serve up the best sandwich, but there’s always a line-up outside Schwartz’s on Saint-Laurent Boulevard, rain or shine. I’m usually in it, cursing my stupidity, the weather, the traffic, the taxi driver who just ripped me off…and then I sit down, receive my slice of smoked meat heaven, bite into the “nectar of Judea,” and all is forgiven.

Length of Trip : As fast or slow as it takes you to devour several smoked meat sandwiches.

Cost : All sandwiches usually cost under $10. Add a few dollars more for fries and pickles.

Best time to go : Whenever you’re hungry, year-round.

Wheelchair friendly : Yes

Family friendly : Yes

Where to eat : Where the smoked meat is fresh! Links below.

Official Site :

Where to Stay : We recommend staying with our trusted partner Intercontinental when visiting Montreal.

Getting There : Directions below:
Dunn’s Famous
The Main

Note from Robin : Montrealers also rave about the Snowdon Deli and Smoked Meat Pete Vegetarians might want to sub the smoked meat for poutine. Also, if it’s your first time, I recommend ordering your smoked meat sandwich “medium fat”.

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