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The East Coast Trail

Towering cliffs, sea stacks and fjords await hikers on a 10-day hike along the 300km East Coast Trail. Encounter colorful fishing communities, historic settlements, wildlife, icebergs, and the beauty of the Avalon Peninsula.

Make an Iceberg Cocktail

Watch spectacular 10,000 year-old icebergs disintegrate along the coast, and taste the difference they makes when added to locally made beer, wine and cocktails.

Get the Continental Drift

The UNESCO World Heritage Site offers geological marvels and dramatic scenery, with a range of walks, hikes, and boat trips attracting visitors from all over the globe.

Rewrite the History Books

At the site of the first known evidence of Europeans in Americas (centuries before Columbus), learn about the Viking lifestyle and the history-changing archeological discovery.

Thank Cod for Battle Harbour

An abandoned Atlantic fishing village is beautifully restored as one of the world’s most unique island getaways. Battle Harbour simply belongs on Canada’s Bucket List!

Trans-Labrador Highway

An epic, legendary yet challenging roadtrip, drive 1185 kms in almost complete isolation, on the only road that crosses Canada’s vast eastern mainland.

Sleep in a Lighthouse

In comfort and safety, watch migrating whales, icebergs and the heavy storms of the Atlantic from the vantage of this unique lighthouse hotel on Quirpon Island.

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