Iceberg Alley

Make an Iceberg Cocktail

In the small town of Twillingate, watch spectacular 10,000-year-old ice smash into the coastline. It’s impressive from land, and even more so when you get up close with a boat or kayak tour. Considering that 90% of the berg is underwater, you’ll want to keep your distance as you skirt around a 15-story berg. Learn about iceberg shapes and sizes, along with their uses in local products. Hauling in some heavy “bergie bits” can add fresh yet ancient ice to your evening cocktail.

Length of Trip : 2-4 days, depending on how much time you want to spend with icebergs. Iceberg boat tours are generally 2 hours long.

Cost : Iceberg Quest’s Twillingate Tours cost $50 for adults, $45 for seniors and $25 for children under 12. Skipper Jim’s Iceberg Tours costs:: $56.50 for adults, $25 for children under 10

Best time to go : Icebergs are best viewed in late May and early June. Bergs are common in April and May but are often trapped in sea ice.

Wheelchair friendly : Some boat tours are wheelchair accessible.

Family friendly : Yes

Where to eat : J&J Fishmarket (98 Main St, Twillingate) is a simple fish shack that serves the freshest, biggest most delicious seafood. Don’t go in expecting much, and you’ll leave in seafood heaven.

Official Site : Twillingate Skipper Jim Boat Tours Iceberg Quest Boat Tours Auk Island Winery

Where to Stay : We recommend the Anchor Inn Hotel and Suites in Twillingate

Getting There : By Air: The closest airport to Twillingate is Gander International Airport, an hour and a half’s drive away. Most international flights fly into St. John’s International Airport (YYT) or also Deer Lake International Airport. From the airport, a rental vehicle is a good option. By Car: Travelling along the Trans-Canada Highway east, turn onto Route 340 to Lewisporte/Twillingate (Road to the Isles) Travelling along the Trans-Canada Highway west, turn onto Route 330, then Routes 331 and 340 to Twillingate.(Road to the Isles)

Note from Robin : If you’re planning on seeing icebergs, it’s worth tracking the progress along the coast with the helpful Iceberg Finder. 90% of the iceberg is underwater, so don’t complain if you don’t get too close. See if you can bring a “bergie bit” back to the hotel for some fresh iceberg in your evening cocktail.

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