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See the Northern Lights

Watching the sky explode in colours as they dance across the sky, is a true natural marvel. Located under the Aurora belt, Yellowknife is one of the best places to see it.

Explore Canada's Largest Park

Established to protect the last remaining free roaming herd of wood bison, Wood Buffalo National Park is the largest park in Canada, an area so vast it could encompass Switzerland.

Hook a Northern Pike

In this catch-and-release operation, hook a northern pike on Great Slave Lake before enjoying a delicious shore lunch is pristine northern wilderness.

Eat the Muktuk

Built on permafrost alongside the Mackenzie River, Inuvik is the capital of the Western Arctic. It’s an opportunity to visit incredible sites, learn about northern aboriginal culture, and if you’re lucky, sample some of the local delicacies.

Fly in a DC-3

Visit the hangar and characters behind Buffalo Air, seen in the hit series Ice Pilots NWT, and take a scenic flight over Great Slave Lake with the world’s only scheduled DC-3 service.

Discover a Pingo

Who isn’t a sucker for weird natural structures, especially in Canada? A pingo is a mound of frozen earth rising up to 70-metres high. Check out this unusual phenomenon at the Pingo Canadian Landmark.

Visit an Igloo Church

The most iconic landmark in Inuvik is an unusual building, constructed without blueprints. Sharing the same name as the iconic Notre Dame cathedral in Paris, Our Lady of Victory officially opened in 1960. Today, the Igloo Church is the most photographed attraction in town.

Bullocks Bistro

In a ramshackle shack in Old Town Yellowknife, Bullocks Bistro, serves up pickerel, arctic char, muskox, caribou and other edible treats of the north.

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