Canada's Best Fish & Chips

Bullocks Bistro

At Bullocks Bistro, the potato chipper is against the wall, the cold beers are in the fridge, and the shack has the feel of a warm, frat-house family kitchen. On the menu: Pickerel, White Fish, Lake Trout, Arctic Char, grilled, pan-fried or deep-fried. For the carnivore, there’s Caribou, Musk ox and Bison, grilled to perfection. The service blows hot or cold, but the meals are worth travelling, and paying for.

Length of Trip : Lunch or Dinner

Cost : The most expensive fish and chips in Canada? Probably. With starters and drinks, expect to pay about $75 a person.

Best time to go : Open year-round, 11am to 10pm.

Wheelchair friendly : Yes

Family friendly : Yes

Where to eat : In the restaurant, of course. If you’re flying solo, sit up front, watch Renata in action (and perhaps help pass some plates around)

Where to Stay : The Explorer Hotel The Discovery Inn Days Inn

Getting There : Bullocks is located in Old Town, not far from the centre of downtown.

Note from Robin : Some people love it, others hate it. My own experience confirmed it is one of the best fish restaurants in the country, and the atmosphere lively. The portions are huge, so nobody goes home hungry. Although the fish is outstanding, the grilled meats will make you salivate too.

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