Nahanni National Park

Raft the Nahanni

Starting at Virginia Falls, 500km of pristine northern wilderness await as you float down-current between 1400m-high canyons, boreal forest and snaking waterways. Nahanni’s reputation as a wild adventure is reflected in the names you’ll encounter along the way: Hell’s Gate, Funeral Ridge, Headless Creek – where the decapitated remains of two prospectors were found in 1908. Rafting operators ensure today’s adventure is less risky, but the endless panoramas just as untamed.

Length of Trip : Choose from 7-day or 12-day excursions. Canadian River Expeditions also offers 21-day packages.

Cost : Click here for a list of available packages and prices

Best time to go : Trips are pre-scheduled to take advantage of Arctic wildlife, flora and fauna. Trips typically run June to end of August.

Wheelchair friendly : No

Family friendly : Yes

Where to eat : Guides prepare meals which include plenty of fruit and vegetables, and can accommodate special diets.

Official Site :

Where to Stay : Free-standing expedition tents are provided based on double occupancy, although single guests can be accommodated.

Getting There : The rendezvous location is Fort Simpson, which is accessible by air with flights from Yellowknife. From here you’ll board a float plane to reach the starting point.

Note from Robin : You don’t have to a rafting expert, although different packages require different skill sets. The week-long Nahanni Canyons from Virginia Falls trip is perfect for beginners. If a week is going to be too much for you, there are 5 and 6 day trip options available.

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