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Walk the Hopewell Rocks Seabed

Canada’s grandest flowerpots stand up to 20 metres tall, overlooking the Bay of Fundy. Walk the seabed and discover rocks, archways and chimneys formed by the world’s highest tides.

Hike the Fundy Footpath

A tough, 3 to 4 day hike along the jagged cliffs and mixed forest on the Bay of Fundy, the last remaining tracts of coastal wilderness on the east coast of the continent challenges the hiker’s Bucket List.

Magnetic Hill

The Bucket List is a sucker for natural illusions, especially when they allow us to put a car in neutral and roll uphill. Moncton’s Magnetic Hill is all we expect from a roadside attraction: weird, fun, and a good story for dinner parties.

Join the Polar Bear Club

There are many ways to enjoy the Bay of Fundy, but few as invigorating as dipping in its cold waters. Located outside of Saint John, Spa Chance Harbour warms you up for the experience, all year round.

Dream in the Dream Domes

Ridgeback’s Dream Domes make are the first luxury geodesic domes in Canada, surrounded by by 185 acres of wild forest, with a wood fired Japanese hot tub, king size bed, BBQ, and wood stove for the cold winter months.

Play Hockey in its Purest Form

In Canada, where hockey is a religion, the world’s largest pond hockey tournament makes the village of Plaster Rock a holy site, worthy of a Bucket List pilgrimage. Welcome to the Pond Hockey World Championship.

Kayak the Rocks

A unique sea kayaking adventure that is neither strenuous nor particular challenging, but pays off with the natural spectacle taking place above and below the paddle.

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