Hopewell Rocks

Walk the Hopewell Rocks Seabed

The world’s biggest tides in the Bay of Fundy have caused the Hopewell Rocks to erode in spectacular fashion. Twice a day, the tides flush into the bay, rising as high as 16m, and flooding the base of Hopewell Rocks. During low tide, it’s possible to walk directly on the seabed, discovering the flowerpots, archways and other unusual formations. Stick around for the full tidal cycle to see just how dramatic the change is in one of the world’s true maritime wonders. There are well-marked trails to observation points and to the sea floor itself.

Length of Trip : One day to see the rocks at low and high tide. Given the drive, you might want to make your visit an overnight trip to the region. If you only have chance to see one tide, budget about 4 hours

Cost : Visit the official site for the latest pricing.

Best time to go : Hopewell Rocks is open year round, but all services run May to October, which is far more pleasant weather wise.
It is possible to snowshoe on trails during the winter months. There are no guided excursions or on-site transport during winter.

The ocean floor is accessible for 3 hours before until 3 hours after low tide.

Wheelchair friendly : The Interpretation Centre and restaurant is wheelchair accessible. Due to the muddy composition, the ocean floor is not wheel chair accessible.

Family friendly : Yes

Where to eat :
The High Tide Café is a self-service restaurant located within the Interpretation Centre at the entrance level of the park.
During peak season, the Low Tide Café is open near the beach, where you can chill on the patio with ice cream, snacks, and beverages.

Official Site :
You can view tide tables online to plan your visit here.

Where to Stay :
Innisfree Bed and Breakfast
Artisan’s Suites
Chimera Farms B&B

Getting There :
Directions from various points around the province can be found here.

Note from Robin :
You might prefer to see the rocks at high tide, covered with water, or at low tide when you can walk on the ocean floor. Ideally you’ll want to do both, which can be done on the same day. If you don’t feel like sticking around, you ticket has in and out privileges, so you can explore the region and return for the tidal switcheroo.

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