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Southern Prairie Railway

An hour’s south of Regina in Ogema is Saskatchewan’s only full-sized tourist railway, with special departures to farm markets and historical attractions, and occasional full costumed train robberies. And then there’s the pizza…

Race a Stock Car in Saskatoon

At the Wyant Group Raceway, bucket listers have the opportunity to suit up, slip into the crash cage of a stock car, and roar around a professional NASCAR track. Anyone feeling the need for speed?

Float in Canada's Dead Sea

Little Manitou, located near Watrous, has a mineral density three-times saltier than the ocean. The salt enables swimmers to effortlessly float on their backs, just like in the Dead Sea.

Cut the Mustard

Canada produces an astonishing 90% of the world’s mustard seed, and almost 80% of that is grown on the prairies of Saskatchewan. Regina’s annual Great Saskatchewan Mustard Festival celebrates the mighty seeds that have given so much to your favourite dishes around the world.

Salute the RCMP

Adjacent to the Depot is the Arthur Erickson-designed RCMP Heritage Centre, allowing visitors to discover the rich history of one of Canada’s most recognizable and endearing symbols.

Support Rider Nation

Whether you’re into football or not, head down to Mosaic Stadium on a home fixture to experience Rider Nation, the green, watermelon-infused passion that sweeps the province like a six-month carnival.

Horse Ride with Bison

Prince Albert National Park is home to the last remaining Plains bison still roaming in their natural range. The best way to discover this sweeping landscape of prairie, parkland and boreal forest is on horseback.

Meet the First Nations

Wanuskewin Heritage Park, a National Historic Site located on land with 6000 years of aboriginal history, is designed to help visitors and locals understand First Nation culture, history and tradition.

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