Horse Ride with Bison

Horse Ride with Bison

Prince Albert National Park, the province’s most popular park, is home to the last remaining Plains bison still roaming in their natural range. The best way to discover this sweeping landscape of prairie, parkland and boreal forest is on horseback, allowing you to sneak up on moose, bear and bison. The Plains bison is the largest mammal in North America.

Length of Trip : 3 hour rides, 5 hour rides, overnight trips in tipi accommodations.

Cost : 3 hours horseback: $100 per rider including trail lunch 5 hours horseback: $125 per rider including trail lunch 5 hour horse-drawn carriage: $300 flat up to 6 guests 2 days (1 night): $500 per person including meals

Best time to go : Summer June to September

Family friendly : Yes

Where to eat : Lunch provided for 3-5 hour rides. Meals provided for overnight stay. In Big River, pop in for a great sandwich at the Kangaroo Cottage on Main St, or the local restaurant at 3rd and Main. There are plenty of dining options located in the resort community of Waskeisu, located inside Prince Albert National Park.

Official Site : Sturgeon River Ranch Email: [email protected] Prince Albert National Park

Where to Stay : Prince Albert National Park allows random back country camping, which means you can camp anywhere so long as it is more than 2km from a public highway, designated lake or campground. If you’d rather not rough it, head to the resort community of Waskeisu, which is located inside the actual park. Here you’ll find a number of resorts and Inns. Another option, off the beaten track, are the yurts at Nesslin Lake.

Getting There : Sturgeon River Ranch is located near Big River, 2 hours and 45 minute drive north from Saskatoon.

Note from Robin : After sneaking up on some bison, check out the gorgeous lake at Ness Creek, perhaps hitch a ride on a boat or swim in its warm waters. Camp on lake’s edge, rent a yurt, and if you’re lucky watch the Northern Lights pop out at night.

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