Canoe down the Churchill River

Canoe down the Churchill River

Having celebrated the Voyageurs at the Festival du Voyageur, prepare to rough it canoeing along this famed Voyageur route along the Churchill River. The river itself flows over Precambrian Shield, into a series of lakes joined by rapids and falls, crossing forests and rocky outcroppings. Enjoyed by both seasoned pros and beginners, this particular trip takes you 105 kilometres from Sandfly Lake to Otter Rapids, navigating nine portages up to three hundred metres in length. There’s plenty of time to view wildlife, ancient rock paintings, enjoying shore lunches and campfire BBQ’s. Summer temperatures are pleasant (late summer is less buggy), and the water is so clean that some paddlers drink it right out of the river.


Length of Trip : 8 days

Cost : $2495.00 per person

Best time to go : You can paddle along the Churchill June to early September. Bugs are typically worse in June than in August, but the fishing is way better in June. Northern Lights come out in September. If you’re in a group of 5 or more, dates and itineraries can be customized for your group.

Wheelchair friendly : No

Family friendly : Yes. Families are usually catered in private trips.

Where to eat : Meals are catered, and include shore lunches. Don’t forget to cook some bannock on a stick!

Official Site : Churchill River Canoe Outfitters

Where to Stay : Churchill River Canoe offers several cabins for either end of your trip, or if you’d simply prefer to paddle around the area and return to comfortable accommodation at night. There is also a paddler’s hostel on-site.

Getting There : From Saskatoon it’s a 5 hours north or a short flight to La Ronge, where Churchill River Canoe can pick you up. All equipment is provided.

Note from Robin : It will hurt a lot less if you’re in good condition. While the experience is totally open to novices, the more paddling experience you have the better. Reading up will make the trip more enjoyable. You’ll be paddling Royalex Trail Head Prospectors in either 16′ or 17′ models.

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