Fly Fish on Miramachi

Fly Fish on the Miramachi

Think “A River Runs Through It” only substitute Montana for scenically gorgeous New Brunswick. For more than a century, sport anglers have gathered on the Miramachi River, which produces more wild Atlantic salmon than any other river system feeding the Atlantic. No wonder it’s been called the “Mother of All Salmon Streams.” Most of the fishing takes place in private water on the Main Southwest Miramachi, which produces the most salmon during the season. Various tributaries – including the Northwest, the Little Southwest, the Renuous, Cain and Dungarvon – also produce impressive salmon runs.

Length of Trip : 3 – 7 days

Cost : Fishing lodges range in their quality, and therefore their pricing packages. Expect to spend anything from $750 to $2000 for 3 nights of accommodation, and 3 days of fishing, depending on the season and whether meals are included. Don’t forget to factor in New Brunswick Angling license fees (3 or 7 days) and equipment rentals if needed.

Best time to go : April to October, depending on which part of the river you’re fishing on, and what kind of fishing you’re looking. Atlantic salmon fishing on the Miramachi begins in April as soon as the ice melts. Spring salmon are known to be quite tough. The famous summer run begins early or mid June through August. Fall fishing, accompanied by beautiful changing foliage, begins September until mid-October.

Wheelchair friendly : Call ahead to discuss with the fishing lodge.

Family friendly : Yes

Where to eat : You can either include meals in your package, or prefer to self cater. Salmon features strongly on the menu, but so does other Atlantic seafood.

Official Site : Discover Miramichi Website

Where to Stay : Bullocks Lodge Country Haven Mirmachi Miramachi Inn Wilsons

Getting There : Moncton is a 2-hour drive away. Most people fly to Halifax, rent a car and then take the scenic 4-hour to Miramachi.

Note from Robin : Call the lodges to ask what fishing gear they suggest you bring. Flies are often best purchased on-site, because the salmon can tell the difference! Some things you don’t want to forget: waist or chest high breathable waders, studded bottom boots, a wading staff and a good rain jacket!

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