Aqua Labadie

Eat the Whole Scallop

Agritours are fun, educational, and in the case of scallops, rather delicious. At Aqua Labadie, an operational scallop farm located 50km from the Labrador border, we’ll learn that scallops are best appreciated raw or poached in seawater, and always in good company. After a scenic ride on a 22ft pontoon, take a hands-on approach to scallops before tucking into a delicious boil-up.

Length of Trip : 3- 4 Hours

Cost : Option 1: Without Seafood Boilup (approximately 3 hours) CAD $70/adult, $55/child under 12 + HST Option 2: With Seafood Boilup (approximately 4 hours) CAD $130/adult, $100/child under 12 + HST

Best time to go : Wednesday, Friday and Sunday- June 15th to September 5th.

Wheelchair friendly : Yes

Family friendly : Yes

Where to eat : Go for the seafood boil-up and eat on-site!

Official Site : Tour Labrador: Email: [email protected] Phone: 709-931-2840 You can book the excursion directly by clicking here.

Where to Stay : The Four Seasons Inn and Motel is located in Blanc Sablon if you need a place to crash for the night before taking the ferry/moving up the coast. It’s a basic, clean motel (not to be confused with the international five hotel chain).

Getting There : Tours to Aqua Labadie are arranged through Tour Labrador, or if you’re mobile, drive 50km on the Jacque Cartier Highway, heading west from Blanc Seblon, until you see the yellow signs.

Note from Robin : The three-hour tour includes: Land tour including warehouse and holding tanks Learn to shuck a scallop and about the methods of scallop farming Boat tour in the picturesque bay, where the scallops are grown Observe on the sea how the scallops are suspended in the water for growth Should you choose our Seafood Boil Up option you will be treated to a mouth-watering taste of two scallops (1 live and 1 cooked) with wine On cool days, warm clothing is recommended. Be prepared with long pants, sweaters, snug fitting hat and warm footwear. Rain jackets and rain pants are also recommended. Tours go despite the rain. Do not wear open-toed shoes or sandals. insect repellent & sunscreen.

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