Snorkel with Beluga Whales

Thank two large, white animals for putting Churchill on the map. The most southerly population of polar bears in the winter, and in summer, the thousands of beluga whales that gather where the Churchill River pours into the Hudson Bay. Donning Arctic wetsuits, head into the bay on a Zodiac and look for a particularly inviting group of whales. Fins, heads, humps and tails will be everywhere. With their doe eyes and flexible necks, belugas seem particularly friendly and curious. Surrounded by these graceful ghosts, welcome to one of the world’s great animal encounters.

Length of Trip : Snorkeling with beluga whales is a half-day excursion offered by Lazy Bear Lodge or Sea North Tours in Churchill.

Cost :
Lazy Bear Lodge: $199.00* per person, includes all required equipment.
Sea North Tours: $195.00* per person, includes all required equipment, minimum two people.

Best time to go : Up to 3,000 of Hudson Bay’s 25,000+ whales visit the Churchill area between mid-June to mid-August. Snorkel trips are offered June, July and August.

Wheelchair friendly : No

Family friendly : Unfortunately there are no kids sizes available for Sea North’s Arctic wetsuits. Lazy Bear’s snorkel adventures is for 12 and up.

Where to eat :
Gypsy’s Bakery and Restaurant
The Tundra Inn

Official Site :
Lazy Bear Lodge
Sea North Tours

Where to Stay : Here’s a handy list of where to stay in Churchill.

Getting There : There are two airlines that fly to Churchill: Calm Air and Kivalliq Air
If you have time on your hands, consider VIA’s train from Winnipeg to Churchill as well.

Note from Robin : The waters of the Hudson Bay are chilly indeed. When it comes to snorkeling with belugas in Churchill, do you go with wet suits or dry suits? Sea North Tours provide 7mm Arctic Wet Suits, double over the torso, gloves, hoods and boots. According to their website, the Arctic wet suits insulate you from the cold for over an hour. Lazy Bear’s dry suits let you wear your full clothing – including thermal underwear and a light jacket – under the suit, keeping you dry and comfortable. In the end it doesn’t really matter so long as the whales are out and feeling friendly!


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