Hook a Smallmouth Bass

In one of the world’s largest flowing rivers (by volume), Winnipeg River boasts an abundance – of fish, sunshine, wildlife and experience. The river cuts channels through hundreds of islands, creating a world-class fishing destination. Eagle Nest, a family-owned lodge in operation since 1966, offers 18 staff for its 30-40 guests, 30 boats, fully equipped cabins, gourmet meals, and hard-won knowledge on the best spots to catch pike, wall-eye and smallmouth bass.

Length of Trip : 3 – 6 nights.

Cost :
Click here for the latest rates and more info about building your own package for Eagle Nest.

Best time to go : Peak season for world class Smallmouth Bass fishing is late May through to mid June. Fly fishing for Smallmouth Bass is best in June. Walleyes are plentiful. Northern pike bite on spoons (May to early June) and larger lures (mid to late June). The Winnipeg River is always abundant. Your guides will make sure you’re in the right spot using the right tackle.

Wheelchair friendly : Call ahead to make arrangements.

Family friendly : Yes

Where to eat : Fine dining cuisine is served at the lodge for dinner. The shore lunches are outstanding – your “catch of the day” served with fresh salads.

Official Site : Eagle Nest Resort

Where to Stay : Each cabin at the resort has been upgraded. Featuring two, 4-piece bathrooms, fridges, separate bedrooms with double and single beds, new mattresses, satellite TV, fireplaces and waterfront view off each dock and patio door. All linens are included. The largest cabins accommodate up to 12 people.

Getting There : The lodge is located about 3 hours drive from Winnipeg Airport. You can also drive or boat-in. Click here for a detailed trip planner, including flights, driving directions, luggage restrictions and advice for rods and tackle.

Note from Robin : At the lodge, sport fishing is strictly, and rightly, catch and release. You do get to keep the right size wall-eye for the shore lunch, and for your quota to take home. There’s a healthy respect here for the fish: barbs are pinched to minimize damage, the biggest catch is gently handled, and always released to give future anglers a similar thrill. Guides give excellent advice on the website, and the resort’s long-returning guests speaks volume about its atmosphere and staff.

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