Narcisse Snake Dens

Snakes on a Plain

Experience the largest congregation of any vertebrate species on Earth. Twice a year, the Narcisse Snake Dens, located in Manitoba’s wetland region of Interlake, welcomes tens of thousands of harmless red garter snakes. In spring, typically late April or early May, the landscape crawls with serpents in the trees, on the rocks and inside the crevices of their limestone dens. Pick one up and say hello. It’s a creepy-crawly and wholly unique wildlife phenomenon.

Length of Trip : Half day

Cost :

Best time to go : End of April and first three weeks of May is considered the best time in spring. The snakes return to their dens in early September. Well worth checking a status update before planning your trip.

Wheelchair friendly : Yes, viewing platforms with washroom.

Family friendly : Yes

Where to eat :
Try the King Buck Inn in Poplarfield Rosie’s Café in Inwood South of Snake Den on the way back to Winnipeg Fryday’s Countryside Restaurant in Teulon (where you’d turn and go west on Highway 17).

Official Site :

Where to Stay :
The Fairmont Winnipeg or spend a night in Gimli, Canada’s Icelandic Home Away From Home.

Getting There :
Narcisse Snake Dens signs appear on Highway #17, six kilometers north of Narcisse. Turn east at the den sign and follow the short road to the parking lot, where you’ll find facilities and the 3km walking trail to the Dens. The Dens are located about a 90 minute drive from Winnipeg.

Note from Robin :
It’s a matter of timing and nature is a finicky beast. Base yourself in Winnipeg with some time flexibility. The dens come alive when the weather is warm and sunny. Check the handy status updates here.

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