Grand Beach

Visit Canada’s Tropical Beach

Grand Beach, located about ninety minutes drive from Winnipeg, has three kilometres of squeaky-white sandy beach, nestled up against dunes that rise as high as 12 metres. Playboy called it one of the sexiest beaches in North America. Once housing the largest dancehall in the Commonwealth, today’s Grand Beach Provincial Park attracts thousands of sun-worshippers, along with kite surfers from around the world.

Length of Trip : Day trip from Winnipeg

Cost :

Best time to go : Summer June – August

Wheelchair friendly : Yes

Family friendly : Yes

Where to eat :
Near Grand Beach:
Grand Beach Diner – 72 Grand Beach Rd
Lanky’s – 85 Grand Beach Rd
Coffee and baked goods at Bakery on the Arcade – 62 Firdale Rd

Official Site :

Where to Stay :
Near Grand Beach:
Inn Among the Oaks B&B
Sand Bar Motor Inn

Winnipeg: The Fairmont Winnipeg

Getting There :
From Winnipeg, take Highway 59 north, drive 80 km to the Grand Beach turnoff. Follow Highway 12 west for 6 km to Grand Beach Provincial Park.

Note from Robin :
Traffic can be intense on hot summer weekends, with up to 20,000 visitors. Check out the various parking lots, it’s a 3km strip of white sand, so plenty of space for everyone.

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