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Next time you hear the expression “You lucky dog,” picture the 125 mutts in Frank Turner’s Muktuk Kennels. Turner is a Yukon Quest legend, having completed in 23 consecutive races. His dogs are as good-natured as pets, relishing the challenge and their opportunity to lead visitors into the snow-covered wonderland outside Whitehorse. Guiding your team across a frozen river, you’ll quickly learn that dogsledding is about teamwork, respect, and relationships. With the help of your passionate guide, dogsledding becomes the North’s most exciting mode of transport.

Length of Trip : Muktuk offer half day, full day and multi-day dogsledding trips. If you’re heading out for a day trip, they suggest you make it full day by visiting the Yukon Wildlife Preserve and Takhini Hot Springs.

Cost : To visit the yard, meet the dogs, learn about their training, and spend as much time as you want playing with the dogs and puppies: $15 per person For the half day trip (The Takhini Express) which includes gear, a guide, your team of dogs and snacks and hot beverages: $194 per person A full day dogsledding trip on the historic Dawson Trail: $269 per person For multi-day trip details and updated pricing, click here.

Best time to go : Winter months for the dogsledding. You can also visit Muktuk for fall and summer experiences.

Wheelchair friendly : Yes, provisions can be made for those in wheelchairs.

Family friendly : Yes

Where to eat : Guests and crew enjoy home-cooked meals at Muktuk every day, with visitors encouraged to join in for lunch and dinner. Lunch is served at noon and costs $15 per person. Dinner is served at 7pm and costs $20. You can also order the sensational Taste of Yukon (min. 4 people) which includes locally sourced Arctic Char, bison, caribou, and elk . Cost is $55 per person, and requires reservations at least a day in advance.

Official Site : MukTuk Adventures Toll-free 1-866-968-3647 Ph: 867-668-3647 Email: [email protected]

Where to Stay : Muktuk have several accommodation options on-site. Their spruce-log Yukon B&B is in the main lodge, with 2 double guest rooms. There are also 3 cabins (ranging from luxury to rugged) overlooking the Takhini river and Ibex valley.

Getting There : Driving time from downtown Whitehorse or the airport is approximately 20 minutes. From the airport, travel north on the Alaska Highway (Highway 1), passing the Dawson City turn-off until you see the Muktuk sign on the right of the road. Turn right at the blue flags and sign that says Husky Trail, and drive for 4km until you reach the main lodge.

Note from Robin : I’ve never seen a happier, better looked after group of dogs and puppies than those on Muktuk. Even if you don’t want to go sledding, it’s worth visiting the ranch to meet the dogs, learn about the sport, and perhaps stay for the delicious Taste of Yukon feast. It truly is a place for people who love dogs. On clear nights in winter, staying over comes with the bonus of being perfectly positioned to see the Northern Lights. It does get cold in winter, but Muktuk have gear (including footwear) to ensure you stay warm.

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