Kluane National Park

Fly Around Mount Logan

Inaccessible from the ground, it’s impossible to know what lies beyond the first peaks in the sheer, striking and magnificent wilderness that encompasses the 22,000 square kilometre Kluane National Park and Reserve. 82% of Kluane’s massive surface area consists of mountain and ice. Discover a world of rock and ice and you fly over glaciers, around Canada’s highest mountain, and across valleys of turquoise braided streams.

Length of Trip :
Kaskawulsh, South Arm & Lowell Tour: 60 minutes
Grande Mountain Tour: 75 minutes
Pacific Grande Mountain Tour: 90 minutes
Logan Super Tour: 120 minutes

Cost :
Kaskawulsh, South Arm & Lowell Tour: $250 per person Grande Mountain Tour: $300 per person Pacific Grande Mountain Tour: $360 per person Logan Super Tour: $480 per person Prices are based on minimum 2 passengers and do not include tax.

Best time to go : Summer, June to end of August

Wheelchair friendly : Please call ahead to discuss with Kluane Glacier Tours

Family friendly : Yes

Where to eat :
Alcan Motor Inn
Ph: 1-888-265-1018
The Raven Hotel
Ph: 867-634-2500

Official Site :
Kluane Glacier Tours Toll Free: 1-888- 634-2916 Ph: 867-634-2916 Phone Email: [email protected]

Where to Stay :
Alcan Motor Inn
Ph: 1-888-265-1018

The Raven Hotel
Ph: 867-634-2500

Kluane Cabins
Ph: 867-841-4250

The Cabin B & B in Kathleen Lake
Ph: 867-634-2600

Getting There :
Haines Junction is about a 2 hour’s drive from Whitehorse on the Alaska Highway.

Note from Robin :
Flightseeing tours are flexible, so if you have the opportunity, check the weather and wait for clear days when you’ll have a better chance of seeing Mount Logan. Tours can run early in the morning or even under the midnight sun. You’ll be flying in a Cessna 205 on wheels or a Cessna 206 on Tundra Wheels. Don’t worry about gas, these guys can fly for hours! Planes take a max of five passengers.
Kluane National Park is also included in Great Canadian Trail’s 7 day Yukon Adventure highlight package.

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