Skate on a Crystal Lake

Windy Arm on Tagish Lake

Although conditions have to be just perfect (which happens every couple years or so), here’s your chance to skate on an endless Hockey Rink of Dreams. Surrounded by mountains with the wind at your back, carve virgin lines in the clear ice as schools of fish swim beneath you. Bring your speed skates or your hockey sticks, on a lake that stretches over 100 kilometres long, there’s plenty of room for everyone.

Length of Trip : Half day

Cost : Provided you can get there and own pair of skates: free

Best time to go : Early winter, when the temperature drops for weeks, the lakes freeze up, but the snow is yet to fall. Alternatively, the snow has fallen, but heavy wind has scattered the flakes before they can scratch up the lake surface. These sort of ideal conditions only take place every 3-5 years.

Wheelchair friendly : No

Family friendly : Yes

Where to eat : Head back to Whitehorse to feast at the Klondike Rib and Salmon Bake, or the homemade pizza at Bocelli’s Pizzeria

Where to Stay : Best Western Gold Rush Inn 411 Main Street Whitehores YT Ph: 1-800-661-0539

Getting There : Windy Arm is located about an hour and half drive from Whitehorse. From downtown, drive out on the S Access Road. Take a left onto the Alaska Highway/Klondike Highway (sighs for Yukon 1 E/Yukon 2/Skagway/Watson Lake). Turn right onto Klondike Highway (signs for Yukon Territory 2 S/Carcross/Tagish/Skagway)

Note from Robin : Of all the Bucket List items mentioned in the book, this is the most “wishful”. Not because it’s impossible, like sitting next to Steven Spielberg on a long-haul flight, or playing basketball with Barack Obama. Windy Arm depends on Goldilocks weather being in your favour, an item then that favours those Bucket Listers who live in Whitehorse as opposed to Ottawa. Still, it is possible and it is unique and incredible, so it skates its way onto the Bucket List.

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