You may or may not have noticed the 50+ videos posted from my research trips ticking off The Great Canadian Bucket List. They’re scattered around the site with each experience, so I thought it would be fun to put some of my favourites on one page for your inspired viewing pleasure. Unlike my adventures filming Word Travels, I don’t travel with a TV crew to capture these moments. Instead, I try and give you a taste of the experience as it happens, and turn over my clips to my friend Rock who edited these videos together. Enjoy!

Learning about the RCMP at the Depot, Regina. You can’t see it, but I was chewing my intestines during my attempt to pass the dreaded PARE test. Participating in a mock police chase was pretty cool.

Biking Le Ptit Train du Nord across Quebec’s beautiful Laurentians. My first multi-day bike adventure, and what a gorgeous place to do it.

Taking the VIA Canadian train from Vancouver to Toronto. No better way to see how the Canadian landscape morphs from province to province.

Driving the Trans-Labrador Highway We had no idea what we were getting ourselves into, but the road trip totally lived up to expectations.

Putting on my “big girl panties” to reel in a monster catfish in Manitoba. It’s like trying to reel in a dinosaur, so I used a creative technique that surprised even the experts.

Cycling across lovely Prince Edward Island

My Dad and I cycled across the island, taking in the highlights, the seafood, and that awesome coastal beauty.

Ticking off the Bucket List in New Brunswick Ziplining over a massive waterfall, abseiling off a cliff, cycling in a kilt? Aye, there’s much to do in New Brunswick!

Making the ultimate iceberg cocktail in Newfoundland. Captain Jim was a brave man to take me out in a storm to help me tick this one off.

An Arctic adventure in Nunavut. One of the highlights on the list, here’s what I got up to at Arctic Watch.

Canoeing in Algonquin, in June. I’m wearing a bug net for a reason, all the time, everywhere!

Sailing in Haida Gwaii. An amazing week of natural beauty, wildlife and Haida culture.

Great Canadian Bucket List