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The Big Muddy Badlands

Weathered buttes, steep cliffs, and eroded sandstone caves greet visitors in Saskatchewan’s badlands, serving as hideouts for some of the wild west’s most infamous outlaws.

The Cypress Hills

Straddling the borders two provinces, Cypress Hills Interprovincial Park contains the highest elevation between the Rockies and Labrador. This makes flying with Cypress Hills Eco Adventures particularly interesting

Bust the Chicago Connection

Beneath the streets of Moose Jaw lie a labyrinth of tunnels with a sordid history. Built to shelter Chinese immigrants, the Chicago Connection took over to create a bootlegger pipeline so rich authorities denied it for five decades.

The Great Saskatchewan Mustard F...

Canada produces an astonishing 90% of the world’s mustard seed, and almost 80% of that is grown on the prairies of Saskatchewan. Regina’s annual Great Saskatchewan Mustard Festival celebrates the mighty seeds that have given so much to your favourite dishes around the world.

Canoe down the Churchill River

Get your feet dirty and your hands wet canoeing this famed river, flowing across a series of lakes joined by rapids and falls, through pristine forests and Precambrian rocky outcroppings.

Visit a Haunted Grove

Crooked Bush is a grove of aspen trees that mysteriously twist, bend and rope around each other. Aspens usually stand tall, but this particular grove seems straight out of a Tim Burton movie.

Spot Satellites in a Dark Sky

Grasslands National Park is Canada’s darkest Dark Sky Preserve, a romantic, fascinating mecca for stargazers that is protected from any form of artificial light.

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