A Lazy Day in Calgary

Float the Bow

With glacial headwaters in the Rockies, the Bow River travels through Banff, Canmore, Cochrane and Calgary.  Further up in the mountains, it invites traditional white-water rafting  adventures, navigating steep canyons and bone-drenching rapids. By the time the Bow reaches Calgary, the current remains swift but the rapids subside.  On sunny days from June to September, it becomes one of Cowtown’s most popular summer activities.

Cost: From $89 for a 4 person raft, to $269 for a 12 person raft. Click here to view the latest prices.

Best Time to Go:  In the peak of summer, although worth noting the waters of the Bow remain consistently freezing! Expect to spend 2-4 hours on the water, depending on the current.

Where to Stay:  I can recommend the Marriott Residence Inn downtown. Kids will go bananas for the included buffet breakfast.

Where to Eat: Consider The Mash, where grains from a local brewery find their way into delicious and uniquely flavourful pizza!

Official Site: Lazy Dy Raft Rentals

Getting There: Operating out of the Calgary Curling Club, Lazy Day Raft Rentals drop you and your raft at the entry point, and are there to greet you when you exit the river, a short walk from their office. Parking is freely available. The shuttle runs June 30 to Sept 4.

Notes from Robin: The current is gentle and this is an all-ages family fun activity. Bring a super soaker and some snacks for the kids. We didn’t get wet but you might get more boisterous! Definitely something to do on a sweet summer day, don’t forget your sunscreen!

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