Torrington's Gopher Hole Museum

Gaze into the Gopher Hole Museum

What could possibly attract visitors to veer off Highway 2 between Calgary and Red Deer? How about 44 dioramas containing stuffed ground squirrels in human clothes and situations? There’s the barbershop, the blacksmith, the beauty salon, curling rink, a yard sale, and romance in the moonlight too. Each diorama depicts an element of humour and fun, but also a deep sense of nostalgia and longing too. This quirky, unique small-town museum delights visitors of all ages, resulting in a memorable and completely bizarre roadside attraction.

Cost: Entrance is by much appreciated donation. The museum is cash only. Souvenirs are available.

Best Time to Go: Closed during winter except by private request. Open May 2024 for weekends only. Open daily from July to the September long weekend then returning to weekends only until mid-October.

Where to Stay: . The Torrington Hotel is your best bet in town. You can find a Super 8 and Best Western in Three Hills about 20 minutes drive away. There’s plenty of accommodation options in Red Deer or Calgary.

Where to Eat: Pizza n More Eh in Torrington, or the Torrington Hotel.

Official Site:

Getting There: The World Famous Gopher Hole Museum is located about an hour and fifteen minutes’ drive from Calgary, or fifty minutes south from Red Deer. The address is: 208 1 Street South, Torrington, Alberta.

Notes from Robin:. You’re driving in the Albertan prairies, why not gopher for it? OK, not gopher, but Richardson Ground Squirrels doesn’t work for the pun. You’ll want to lower your expectations. This is not the Louvre. It’s not the Hermitage. It’s not the ROM. It’s a small room with stuffed animals doing silly things. But the town takes it seriously, because it’s put them on the map, and who are we to argue? Writes Ramona in a testimonial on the official website: “This museum has been on my bucket list for years, and I’m so happy to finally say that I’ve been here.” And now it’s on The Great Canadian Bucket List too.

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