Wreck Beach

Let it all hang out

Wreck Beach is a clothing optional beach in Vancouver, but it is so much more than that. In a city renowned for its allergy to fun, this rugged beach is a much-needed pocket of anarchy, governed by a dedicated community, with an ethos of self-responsibility and individual freedom. No franchises, no commercials, no red tape. See, we can all get along after all.

Length of Trip : 1 Day

Cost : Free!

Best time to go : A hot sunny day in summer

Wheelchair friendly : No

Family friendly : Yes

Where to eat : Various vendors unofficially sell healthy burgers and pizzas on the beach. On the way in or out, stop for lunch or dinner at Enigma, one of my favourite neighborhood restaurants.

Official Site : www.wreckbeachcanada.com

Where to Stay : We recommend staying with our trusted partner Holiday Inn when visiting Vancouver.

Getting There : FROM DOWNTOWN VANCOUVER: Take Burrard St. South, go west or right on 4th Ave: Head west on 4th Avenue, follow all the way to UBC till the road turns into N.W Marine Drive and you pass the Museum of Anthropology. At some point along here the road then turns into SW Marine Drive. Watch for vertical UBC signpost “Gate 6” at University Blvd. and you will have found TRAIL 6 TO WRECK BEACH. A well marked spot, it is by far the easiest, most accessible set of 473 stairs down for those who dare. On the West side of Marine Drive look for 6 yellow and green garbage/recycle bins, a big directional map, bike rack area and 2 outdoor parks toilets marking the top of the trail.

Note from Robin : I realize Wreck Beach is not for everyone, but stand by my claim it’s the coolest beach in Canada. Clothing is optional, so be prepared to see naked people, although you won’t be required to wear your birthday suit if you don’t want to. Bring sunblock and don’t forget to use it everywhere. The stairs out can be quite tough on knees and hips. Take your time. Alcohol is not legal on the beach, although braver vendors will have no problem selling you a cold beer.

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