Skeena Cat Skiing

Cat Skiing near Smithers

Cat skiing puts you inside a cabin attached to a snow groomer with the torque and tread of an indestructible alpine tank. The driver ascends white-knuckle inclines, skirting dramatic ridges and cornices, depositing you at the top of untracked, fresh powder runs of a lifetime. Skeena Cat Skiing’s base camp, accessed via an exhilarating helicopter ride from the town of Smithers, is a destination for people who love skiing, pure and simple.

Cost : From $900 a day. Click here for the latest pricing packages from Skeena Cat Skiing.

Best time to go : It’s always dumping snow in the part of the world. Open late December to late March.

Where to Stay: Guests stay in insulated heated private cabins designed for two people. The bedding is impossibly soft! Wifi is available from the lodge but there is no cell service.

Where to Eat: All meals are served in the large common lodge. Think salmon, halibut and organically raised lamb, chicken, duck and beef, with hearty breakfasts, packed lunches, and an impressive bar with local wine, spirits and craft beer.

Official Site : Skeena Cat Skiing

Getting There: Air Canada offer a twice daily, short flight between Smithers and Vancouver. On arrival, guests reach the base camp via a half hour helicopter ride (the fee is not included in your ski package). Guests return to Smithers via helicopter.

Note from Robin:: Click here to read my blog post about Skeena Cat Skiing. You have to pack light as you’re coming in from a helicopter, but you really only need your ski gear, and a change of lounge clothes for the lodge. Bring slippers for indoors! I’m not the best boarder, but you should be confident with backcountry skiing. You’ll be fully equipped with avalanche safety and all guests are drilled in rescue techniques (although incidents are exceedingly rare).The guides are fantastic, supportive, and will suggest runs suited for your level. There are ski rentals available from the lodge. Do not bring poles, prepare for the trip by reading the FAQ. Play nice with the bear-dog!

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