Go Dogsledding

Go Dogsledding with Muktuk Kennels

From the pages of The Great Canadian Bucket List:

“With a whiplash jerk, the dogs set off into the snow, relishing their opportunity to release their pent up energy. Dogpower is not horsepower. Without my control, my team would run themselves senseless, exhausting their energy and possibly injuring themselves. Frank has to constantly remind me to apply the brake, to find the rhythm and flow. Once I do, the true nature of dogsledding – teamwork – becomes as clear as the ice crystals clinging to the trees. Watching the effort of each dog, muscles pounding beneath thick fur, how their individual personalities influence their speed and endurance, made me appreciate how little effort I need to glide across the lake.  With the dogs in their groove, I can look up and truly absorb the jaw dropping scenery around me.”

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