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Velo Volant

Ready for the world’s highest suspended bicycle ride? Watch the ground disappear beneath your feet as you peddle off the platform connected to a kilometre-long cable that suspends you up to thirty metres above the ground.

Sleep in an Ice Hotel

Built anew every year, the Hotel de Glace is the only one its kind in North America. Every year, 15,000 tons of snow and 500 tons of ice are shaped and fashioned into a winter wonderland.

Scale a Via Ferrata

Via Ferrata is a secure climbing route that allows you to clip safely into staples, using your caribiner and harness to climb in places even professional climbers can appreciate.

Ice Canyoning

Mont Ste-Anne is the only place in North America where you can attempt ice canyoning, descending down a canyon and frozen waterfalls through pristine winter wilderness.

Walk Around Quebec City

Recalling the walled cities of Europe, Old Quebec is one of the most romantic places on the continent. Its rich history, stunning views, charming shops and restaurants continue to wow visitors from around the world.

Smoked Meat in Montreal

The Montreal smoked meat sandwich is a recipe of edible perfection. Choosing where to enjoy such a dish is no simple matter, and a lot of fun.

Eat the Whole Scallop

Agritours are fun, educational, and in the case of scallops, rather delicious. At Aqua Labadie, discover that scallops are best appreciated, raw, poached in seawater, whole, and always in good company.

Swing a Sword at Tam Tam

Every summer, a range of different communities gather each Sunday on Mont Royal for Tam Tam, where they bang their drums, practice their circus acts, picnic, dance, sell curios and have mock medieval battles.

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