BC, Alberta and into the Prairies

I’ve always had a tendency to do things a little over-the-top, hence the title of my first blog, Modern Gonzo.  So why do just one book launch event, when you can do 17?  Why drive to one province, when you can drive to four (winter and Brazil are two pretty good excuses to break for a few months)?   And why spend a month on the road by yourself, when you can travel the country with your family, including your 6-month year old baby?

The dark rings under my eyes might tell a different story.  Raquel is doing great in the Escape, but she’s far too excited to sleep in our fabulous Fairmont rooms.  But the talks have been wonderful.    I love sharing stories – through written or spoken word – and it helps that I have such a great subject to talk about.    I’ve also become rather proficient at signing books, and waving my hand to help that sharpie ink dry.

This is a road trip, and it was inspiring to squeeze in the Icefields Parkway on a perfect sunny fall day in Banff National Park. When you spend a day off on a roadtrip doing another roadtrip, you know it has to be special.  My Dad and I took the Escape out to see the new Glacier Skywalk, currently under construction just inside of Jasper near the Columbia Icefields.  Admittedly it doesn’t look that impressive from the road, but once you step out on the walkway, standing hundreds of feet above the valley floor, waterfalls raging in the valley below, two big horned sheep ambling about, and the glorious Rockies above – it does indeed give you a new perspective.  The Glacier Skywalk opens up next year summer.

After speaking at Banff’s Public Library, we drove to Calgary for an afternoon talk at Campers Village.  I reconnected with some old friends, and celebrated my birthday in the Fairmont Palliser Gold Lounge, and later at the Ship and Anchor.  An early morning drive to Edmonton for a talk at the lovely Audreys Books, and then onto Saskatoon.  The road flattens, but fall is such a magical time for drives like this.  Something about the light, and something about the colour.   It’s been a joy to discover bookstores like Audreys and McNally-Robinson, which gather the community around stories and ideas.   Not quite the same on Amazon, I can assure you.

Lots of media this week – CTV, Global, CBC Radio, METRO – 5 interviews today and I never get tired of it.  I know that someone out there will hear about The Great Canadian Bucket List, take a look, perhaps a trip, and will never forget it.  Sleep deprived and all, I wouldn’t miss that opportunity for the world.

Great Canadian Bucket List