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The Diefenbunker

About 30km outside of Ottawa is a bone-chilling, fascinating and entirely unique glimpse into a time when geopolitics tight roped along a knife’s edge.

Support the Blue Jays

They’re the only Canadian team in the major leagues, the only other part of the World that currently qualifies for the World Series, and the only baseball experience you’ll find on the Bucket List.

Remembrance Day

Each November 11, veterans, civilians and members of parliament gather at Ottawa’s War Memorial to honour Remembrance Day. It’s a moving ceremony, reflecting Canada’s contribution to a world at war and peace.

Petroglyphs Provincial Park

Petroglyphs Provincial Park is site of the largest concentration of aboriginal rock art in Canada. These “Teaching Rocks” are a very physical reminder that Canada’s cultural history stretches back further, and is far richer, than is often given credit for.

Get Sprayed in Niagara Falls

Spanning the US and Canadian border, Niagara Falls receives over 20 million visitors a year, drawn to the spectacle of green water crashing 50m below. Get baptized by the powerful spray of the world’s most famous waterfalls.

Skate the Rideau Canal

Ottawa’s Rideau is the world’s largest skating rink. Get some exercise and meet some locals, snacking on Beaver Tails while skating past the Parliament Buildings and other Ottawa landmarks.

The Hockey Hall of Fame

Make a pilgrimage to touch the original bowl in this Temple of Ice Hockey. It might be the closest we’ll get to a Canadian team winning the Stanley Cup.

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