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Channel Your Inner Viking

Billed as the second-oldest continuous cultural festival in North America, Manitoba’s largest lakshore community hosts its annual Icelandic Festival (or Islendingadagurinn), a celebration for, and by, the largest Icelandic population outside of Iceland.

Snakes on a Plain

Each spring, tens of thousands of red garter snakes emerge at the Narcisse snake dens to create the largest congregation of any vertebrate species on Earth.

Hook a Smallmouth Bass

The abundant waters of the Winnipeg River cut channels through hundreds of islands, creating a world-class fishing destination, served by a world-class fly-in fishing lodge.

Have a Happy Folk Fest

The Winnipeg Folk Festival is one of the world’s most popular music festivals, largely due to the participatory nature of the community in which it belongs.

The Forks

Located at the junction of the mighty Assiniboine and Red rivers, The Forks is more than just a vibrant urban market. With over six thousand years of aboriginal history, it’s a local favourite, and the most popular attraction in Winnipeg.

See the Manito Ahbee Pow Wow

Named after a sacred site where ancient petroforms illustrate the teachings of elders, around 25,000 people attend the annual Manito Ahbee Festival, celebrating music, dance, food, crafts and other aspects of First Nation culture.

See Ballet in the Park

The longest continuously operating ballet in North America dazzles during its annual, free performance at the outdoor Lyric Theatre in Winnipeg’s Assiniboine Park.

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