Elk Island National Park

Located an hour’s drive east of Edmonton, Elk Island is Canada’s only entirely fenced national park and a haven for free-roaming bison, not to mention elk, deer, moose, and more than 250 species of birds.

Canoe on Moraine Lake

Snowcapped mountains, postcard perfect evergreen trees, a turquoise lake as clear and magical as the teardrop of a fairy. Canoeing on Moraine Lake is as iconic as the view itself.

See Massive Sand Dunes

It looks like the Sahara moved to northern Saskatchewan. The Athabasca Sand Dunes is the largest active sand surface in Canada and one of the world’s most northerly major sand dunes.

Paddle a Bloody River

Rafting or canoeing down this remote, Canadian Heritage River is an adventure that paddles and portages its way onto our Bucket List.

Watch the Leafs Play the Habs

It doesn’t matter if they’re placed first, or last. Canada’s fiercest sports rivalry celebrates the nation’s French/English divide, and the passion that bridges it together.

Skate the Rideau Canal

Ottawa’s Rideau is the world’s largest skating rink. Get some exercise and meet some locals, snacking on Beaver Tails while skating past the Parliament Buildings and other Ottawa landmarks.

Swing a Sword at Tam Tam

Every summer, a range of different communities gather each Sunday on Mont Royal for Tam Tam, where they bang their drums, practice their circus acts, picnic, dance, sell curios and have mock medieval battles.

Cross Hartland's Covered Bridge

Unveiled in 1901, the 390 metre bridge over the St John River is the world’s longest covered bridge, recalling a genteel era of modesty when couples cheekily stole kisses in the chaperone-free darkness.

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