The HMS Saskatchewan

Dive a Sunken Battle Ship

What makes the diving so special in BC is how big everything is. Orange Sunflower starfish the size of dinner tables, forests of bright white Plumose anemones, giant octopus, Wolf Eels and big-eyed Cabezons. Forget the tropics. Divers in BC immerse themselves in the clear, clean waters of another planet, and with the recommended dry-suits, you can keep your jeans on.

Length of Trip : 1 Day (multi-tank dive)

Cost: Contact Ocean Quest to get the latest prices.

Best time to go : Any time of the year. Visibility is usually better in winter.

Wheelchair friendly : No

Family friendly : No

Where to eat : Snacks served on board Sea Dragon charters

Official Site : Ocean Quest Dive Centre Ph: 1-877-999-3483 Email: [email protected]

Where to Stay : The Fairmont Hotel

Note from Robin : Outstanding visibility at any time of year. Sea Dragon Charters vessel is comfortable. Make sure you try on your suit for the best fit.

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