Explore an Old Growth Forest

The emotional and childlike wonder that accompanies hiking an Old Growth forest belongs on the national Bucket List. Ranging between 250 and over 1000 years old, these towering red cedars, Douglas-firs, hemlock and spruce trees look like they belong in the pages of science fiction. See them while you can. Without any federal protection, these surviving giants could be chopped down for furniture.

Length of Trip : 2-3 Days, although you’ll want to budget longer if driving from Vancouver

Cost : Free, although budget for ferries, transport and hotels.

Best time to go : June – September, when roads are more accessible.

Wheelchair friendly : No

Family friendly : Yes

Where to eat : Coastal Kitchen Café (closed in winter)

Official Site : Visit The Ancient Forest Alliance for maps, guides and more.

Where to Stay : These guys below are all supporters of the Ancient Forest Alliance, so lets support them back! Renfrew Ritz – www.renfrewritz.blogspot.ca Big Fish Lodge – www.bigfishlodges.com/wp Soule Creek Lodge – www.soulecreeklodge.com

Getting There : Ancient Forest Hiking Guide www.ancientforestguide.com

Note from Robin : For more info, go to www.ancientforestalliance.org

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