Run a Race of Biblical Proportions

Not Since Moses Race

Not Since Moses has there been a race against the forces of the sea, hence the name of this quirky 5km and 10km annual run along Five Islands. Over a thousand competitors must race along the ocean floor to reach the finish line before high tide. These conditions make it particularly treacherous, but the well-organized event takes great pride ensuring that no-one is forced to swim to safety.

Length of Trip : Depends how quickly you can run (or swim, when the tide comes in). The race starts at 9:30am, with the last 10K runner home usually within 2 hours.

Cost : $50, which “includes shirt, healthy food, music, party, freshly composed poetry.” No word on the quality of the aforementioned poetry. It could be: Roses are red Tree bark is brown Here comes the tide I hope you don’t drown

Best time to go : The race typically takes place mid-August.

Wheelchair friendly : No

Family friendly : Yes. There is a Basket Run for kid, consisting of 500 and 1000 meters for kids 12 and under 100 meters for ages 3 and under. The kids will love to get dirty!

Where to eat : Healthy food is served along with festivities at the finish line.

Official Site :

Where to Stay : There are various inns and B&B’s along the shore. Camping is available nearby in the Five Islands Provincial Park.

Getting There : The Lower Five Islands are located about a 2 hour drive from Halifax.

Note from Robin : Whatever you wear, chances are it will only be worn again during your next Not Since Moses race. The ground can be slippery and muddy. It doesn’t matter how fast you’re going if you hurt yourself. Volunteers are stationed along the route if you need any assistance.

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