Dinosaur Provincial Park

Hunt for Dinosaurs

To put things in perspective, more dinosaur fossils have been discovered here in the Dinosaur Provincial Park than anywhere else on earth. UNESCO declared it a World Heritage Site in 1979, one of five in the province and probably the most striking.

Length of Trip : 1 Day

Cost : Dinosaur Provincial Park is free to visit. There are guided interpretive tours May to September, focusing on various aspects, ranging from $14 to $24 a person. A one day guided excavation to an authentic dinosaur dig, including instruction, tools, lunch and prospecting, is available June to September, and costs $165 per person. This excursion is not wheelchair friendly. The Phillip J Currie Dinosaur Museum is scheduled to open outside Grande Prairie in June 2014.

Best time to go : Summer

Wheelchair friendly : No

Family friendly : Yes

Where to eat : in Drumheller: Bernie & the Boys in Grande Prairie: Padrino’s Italian Ristorante

Official Site : www.albertaparks.ca

Where to Stay : in Drumheller at Ramada Inn and Suites In Grande Prairie, we recommend staying with our trusted partner, Holiday Inn Hotel and Suites

Note from Robin : The ground around the bonebeds may be muddy and wet or dry and dusty. Prepare for volatile weather.

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