Arm a Cannon at the Halifax Citadel

The Halifax Citadel

In the mid-1700’s, the British built a fort on the highest hill overlooking the Halifax harbour.With excellent sight lines, thick stone walls, powerful cannons, and even a land moat, the star shaped fortress was so successful that it never did come under attack. Operated by Parks Canada, the National Historic Site is a snapshot of life behind the walls in 1869. Historical re-enactors run through daily chores, inviting visitors to join them through a “Soldier for a Day” program, and the Halifax Citadel Experience.

Length of Trip : 2-3 hours to half day depending on program. Guided tours take place throughout the day, in both English and French, and last 45 minutes

Cost : Click here to get the latest prices.

Best time to go : The Citadel is open year-round, typically 9am to 5pm. Solider for a Day Program runs twice a day. 10am-1pm and 2pm-5pm, May 7 to October 31

Wheelchair friendly : Yes

Family friendly : Yes

Where to eat : Titanic history, ghosts and delicious seafood at the Five Fisherman Restaurant (don’t worry, ghosts only make food taste better). Other great local restaurants include Brooklyn Warehouse, Chives Canadian Bistro, Wasabi House, The Armview Restaurant and the breakfasts at The Coastal Café.

Official Site :

Getting There : The address is 5425 Sackville St. Halifax, NS, although you can just key the Citadel into your GPS. If you are walking: Start uphill on any street on the Halifax Waterfront and head toward Brunswick St. Look for the Old Town Clock, located at the base of Citadel Hill. Climb the stairs in front of the Clock and you’ll see the entrance for the Halifax Citadel.

Note from Robin : It’s impolite to ask a soldier in a kilt if he wears anything underneath it. Although being Canada, and knowing these are mere actors, go ahead and do it anyway.

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