Arctic Haven

The Great Caribou Migration

Every year, hundreds of thousands of caribou migrate across the Arctic. Arctic Haven is a remote lodge located at the treeline on Ennadai Lake, Arcrtic one of the great lakes in Nunavut’s Barren Lands region. Originally built as a remote fishing lodge, it has been refashioned as a wildlife station, allowing visitors to finally witness Canada’s remarkable caribou migration.

Length of Trip : 7 Days, typically Friday to Friday.

Cost : For pricing and reservation information, visit Arctic Haven.

Best time to go : Tours run April to September, sometimes with particular focuses on wildlife, photography, adventure etc.

Wheelchair friendly : Call ahead to make arrangements

Family friendly : Yes, but call ahead to confirm ages and requirements.

Where to eat : Considering the nearest grocery store is 700 km away, you’ll be surprised just how delicious and varied meals are. An on-site chef prepares meals with local ingredients like muskox and Arctic char. Each day kicks off with fresh hot muffins and ends with a hot shower and a glass of wine.

Official Site : For more information, visit Arctic Haven’s official website.

Where to Stay : Constructed with a central dining room and living room looking the lake, the lodge has and wings on each side, with six bedrooms in each wing. Each comfortable, heated bedroom has a full bathroom.

Getting There : First Air, West Jet, Canadian North and Air Canada offer regular daily service from Edmonton and Calgary to Yellowknife. Most visitors arrive in Yellowknife the day before their scheduled departure to Arctic Haven. From Yellowknife, board a private plane for the two-and-a-half-hour flight (1000 km/600 miles) to Arctic Haven. The flight departs Yellowknife every Friday morning, arrives at Arctic Haven in mid-day, then returns to Yellowknife, arriving in the evening. The baggage allowance for the charter flight from Yellowknife to Arctic Haven is 44 lbs (20 kg) per person which includes a carry-on.

Note from Robin : You’ll want to invest in a comfortable, sturdy pair of rubber boots. I wear a pair of Mucks which are fantastic. The weather in the Arctic varies, but in summer is typically somewhere between 5°C and 25°C, cooling down below zero in spring and fall (so bring some underlayers). The lodge offers kite-ski, photography and snowmobiling adventures, as well as migration viewing.

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