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Cycle Across Prince Edward Island

A week on a saddle is something to experience before peddling off into the sky. If only there was somewhere mostly flat, with remarkable beauty, friendly locals and delicious cuisine. Somewhere that will allow us to stay in charming B&B’s and inns, and have our bags shuttled ahead for us. Somewhere like Prince Edward Island.


Highlights on The Great Canadian Bucket List

Whether you're a foodie, animal lover, adrenalin junkie, history buff or simply looking for something unusual, there's plenty to do on The Great Canadian Bucket List.


I’d love to see Canada but

B.U.T.   As in, I'd love to, but.  I've always wanted to do that but.  It's my dream but.   Many a grand adventure has been sunk by the power of but.  It has butted its ugly head into the most well meaning of excursions.  There's so many incredible things to do and see in this country.  Don't let the but stop you.