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I’d love to see Canada but

B.U.T.   As in, I'd love to, but.  I've always wanted to do that but.  It's my dream but.   Many a grand adventure has been sunk by the power of but.  It has butted its ugly head into the most well meaning of excursions.  There's so many incredible things to do and see in this country.  Don't let the but stop you. 


Echo Valley Ranch: On a Different Plane

The West meets the East in the award-winning, family-run ranch escape, located in the valleys of BC's Cariboo region. Beyond the horse rides and hikes, indulge with an authentic Thai spa, flightseeing over glaciers, and the warm hospitality of owners Norm and Nan Dove. With toddler and grandparents in tow, Robin heads to the valley to see what all the fuss is about.