Canada vs The World pt 2

It’s been a while since Canada enjoyed such deserved respect on the world political stage, and on the global tourism radar too. No wonder, as the dozens of experiences we highlight on The Great Canadian Bucket List show us all. Our previous Canada vs The World post introduced our own Dead Sea, Galapagos, Scottish Highlands and St Petersburg Ballet. Let’s look at a few more examples of Canada vs The World.

Quebec City vs Bruges

The World: Bruges
Millions of tourists visit this UNESCO World Heritage Site each year, renowned for its historic old town. Cobblestone streets, medieval churches, famous art collections, charming restaurants and hotels make this a popular European romantic getaway.

Vs Canada: Quebec City
Old town Quebec City has fortified walls and cobblestone dating back to the 17th century. The stone churches, world-class bistros, galleries and museums of this UNESCO World Heritage are best discovered on foot. It might not boast the canals of Bruges, but Quebec City does have incredible views of the St Lawrence, a 19th-century funicular, and hosts the world’s largest winter carnival each February.

Richmond BC vs Hong Kong

The World: Dining in Hong Kong
From street food to celebrity chefs, Hong Kong promotes itself as the culinary capital of Asia. Perfecting Cantonese and other Chinese regional dishes, don’t miss the varieties of dim sum, noodles, spit-roasted meats and range of seafood.

Vs Canada: Richmond, BC
6000 miles from Hong Kong, Richmond BC is the Asian culinary capital of North America. 50% of its population is Chinese, immigrants from Hong Kong and the Mainland, supporting over 400 Chinese restaurants. There’s world-renowned dim sum, Cantonese and other dishes ready to taste in night markets, casual eateries and fine dining restaurants. Home to the largest fishing fleet in the country, the seafood doesn’t get any fresher.

Niagara vs Burgundy

The World: A Taste of Burgundy, France
Visiting this famous wine region is so much more than the grapes in your glass. The laid-back lifestyle, charming villages and outstanding cuisine draws visitors in search of the good life.

Vs Canada: Niagara Escarpment & Twenty Valley, ON
Vineyards in the Niagara region share the same latitude as classic wine regions like Provence, Rioja, and Mendocino Valley. Aided by the warming effect of Lake Ontario and rich limestone soils, excellent local wines (similar to those produced in Burgundy) are accompanied by incredible dining, romantic hotels, and trimmings of the good life – all just a couple hours drive from Toronto.

Stonehenge vs the Majorville Medicine Wheel

The World: Stonehenge
A mystery wrapped in stone and set in a circle, nobody knows for sure who erected the megaliths of Stonehenge. Theories abound: a Druid temple of worship, an astronomical observatory, a place of healing, a beacon for aliens? Regardless, the site remains one of the most popular tourist attractions in the UK.

Vs Canada: Majorville Medicine Wheel, AB
Less known is Canada’s Stonehenge, a medicine wheel consisting of a central cairn and 28 spokes, nine metres in diameter and using 40 tonnes of rock. A sacred place to the Blackfoot people who live in the surrounding area, some archaeologists believe construction began 4500 years ago, while others believe the wheel is much older. Whether it served as a temple for rituals, a monument to a great leader or an astronomical marker, the wheel’s true purpose remains a mystery. Unlike Stonehenge, there are no tour buses, ropes, guards or gift shops.

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