For The Great Canadian Bucket List, Robin researched Canadian destinations and activities one simply can’t do anywhere else. Having visited over 100 countries on seven continents, he should know!   At the same time, he discovered that unique global experiences have wonderful local equivalents. Here’s the first look at Canada vs The World. 


THE WORLD:  The Dead Sea
Separating Israel and Jordan, the Dead Sea is the lowest point on Earth, with saltwater so buoyant you can float effortlessly on your back. The sea’s thick mineral rich mud is packaged as an expensive cosmetic product.
Vs CANADA: Little Manitou Lake, SK
Serviced by the town of Watrous, the healing waters of Little Manitou Lake are three times saltier than the ocean, allowing you to lie back and float under the prairie sun. Mineral rich mud line the shores, with the adjacent hot springs offering legendary therapeutic benefits.


THE WORLD:  The Galapagos
Tourist yachts sail the pristine wilderness of this remote, protected archipelago, stacked with marine wildlife, birds, and beautiful rocky islands.
Vs CANADA: Gwaii Haanas National Park Reserve
Locally known as the “Galapagos of the North”, the rugged West Coast archipelago of Gwaii Haanas is protected from ocean floor to mountaintop. Each summer, yachts sail among the pods of whales and colonies of sea lions, with onshore excursions to explore old growth forests and original Haida totem polls.


THE WORLD:   Scottish Highlands
Striking mountain scenery, vibrant Gaelic communities, green hills and abundant wildlife – the Highlands have long been the highlight for many visitors to Scotland.
Vs CANADA: Cape Breton Highlands National Park
A postcard view around every corner, drive the 300km Cabot Trail loop against a backdrop of epic mountains, boreal forest, and sweeping ocean views. Explore villages like the Acadian community of Chéticamp or Gaelic-infused Ingonish, celebrated for their food, music and hospitality.


THE WORLD:   Ballet in St Petersburg
Admire a gentle glissade, soaring grande jeté, or perfect pirouette in one of St Petersburg’s grand ballet theatres. Witnessing performances of such quality is a global cultural highlight, appreciated by newbies and aficionados alike.
Vs CANADA: The Royal Winnipeg Ballet, MB
The RWB is the longest continuing operating ballet in North America, and thanks to decades to global touring, an internationally respected powerhouse. World premieres are held at the Centennial Concert Hall (aided by their home orchestra, the Winnipeg Symphony Orchestra), and while the stage might lack the opulence of the Mariinsky or Mikhailovsky, free outdoor performances each summer in Assiniboine Park deliver their own homegrown prairie magic.

Great Canadian Bucket List