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Explore an Old Growth Forest

Having survived the colonial building boom and modern logging industry, BC's few remaining ancient red cedars, Douglas-firs, hemlock and spruce trees will take your breath away.

Sea to Sky Gondola

Offering some of most stunning views in the country, the Sea to Sky Gondola take you 849 metres above the Howe Sound, with easy walks around the summit, and a perfect sunny patio. A worthy attraction for the Bucket List.

Discover your Inner Outlaw

Channel your inner outlaw with an easy ride into the smooth backroads of the British Columbia interior, a region of incredible beauty, history, and character.

Snorkel with Salmon

Appreciate the bounty of West Coast salmon on their own terms by donning a wetsuit and floating among hundreds of thousands of fish as they swim upriver to spawn.

Survive a Cold Sauna

A visit to North America’s first cold sauna provides a treatment in Cryotherapy. It's like freezing to death, only it's healthy for you.

Dive a Sunken Battle Ship

The waters off the coast of Vancouver Island offer some of the best diving on the planet, with no less an authority than the late Jacques Cousteau rating BC as the second best temperate dive spot in the world, behind the Red Sea.

Powder Down and Peak to Peak

Whistler isn’t so much a mountain as an experience. With 50% more terrain than any other resort on the continent, it deserves its reputation as one of the world's premiere ski and recreational destinations.

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