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One Bucket List Ends, Another Begins

After two years of hard work and harder travel – The Great Canadian Bucket List finally hit the shelves this week. Quite a thrill walking into a bookstore to see your book for the first time, buried among thousands of books I suddenly had a great deal of respect for. The amount of effort it takes to get a book off the ground, and the amount of people making that effort, is staggering. But it’s all worth it when you see someone pick it up, nod, smile, laugh, and take it to the cash register.

I’m kicking off the book launch with a 17-city national speaking and media tour, driving from Vancouver to Ottawa. It will take a month, so joining me is my Bucket List Support crew. My recently retired parents, my wife, and our 6-month-old baby Raquel. Ford Canada, my presenting sponsor, has provided us with two exceptional vehicles for the long …


Top 10 Reasons to Travel in Canada

Moraine Lake, AB

1.    Nature

There are countries that offer jungles, deserts, savannahs and tropical islands.   Canada has just about everything else, in mind-numbing abundance.   Few mountains can compare to the sheer scale of the Rockies, the beauty of Cape Breton’s Highlands, the ruggedness of the Yukon and northern British Columbia.  What about our glaciers, endless boreal forest, dramatic coastlines, prairie flats, the Northern Lights, sweeping taiga, cherry blossoms, fall foliage, and the world’s largest collection of sparkling freshwater lakes?  Our wildlife is rich, and diverse:  bear, moose, wolf, elk, caribou, otter, seal, whale, Maple Leaf fans.    Through Parks Canada, the world’s first parks service, Canada is a pioneer in protecting and managing public spaces for all to enjoy.  Best of all, our natural bounty can be appreciated in all four seasons.

2.    Adventure

With our abundant natural spaces, it’s no surprise that adventure-seekers find their home in Canada.   During winter months, we have some of the best ski resorts in the world, scattered …


Fly-in Fishing in Northern Manitoba

The float plane took off as I held my cup of piping hot coffee.  According to Scott, an editor at Outdoor Canada, that’s the typical cliche opening for any remote fishing lodge story, so I thought I’d stick with it.  Only there was no piping hot coffee, and I was rocketing a Ford F-150 at 160 km/hr across the flat Manitoban prairies.  Through fate and circumstance I was invited to Eagles Nest, a fly-in fishing lodge located on the Winnipeg River.   My fishing experience:

Catching a barracuda and wahoo in the Cook Islands Catching bloated salmon on a river in Alaska Catching piranha in Venezuela and Brazil

The pursuit of trophy fish is a serious business, and much like football players, anglers judge each other by the size and weight of their tackle.   The abundant waters of the Winnipeg River, cutting channels through hundreds of islands, are a world-class destination. Eagle Nest, a family-owned lodge in operation since 1966, offers 18 staff for its …